75 Soulful Quotes That Will Fill Your Heart and Mind

Soulful Quotes

There are some things in life that have the ability to please all of your senses along with your heart and mind. Some of those things are a giggling baby, a cute little puppy, a love song, your lover’s scent, your parent’s being proud because of you, and sometimes just some soulful words that hold … Read more

85 Sunday Quotes For Your Mini Vacation

Sunday Quotes

Sundays are like a roller coaster of emotions. The mornings feel cozy and lazy but the evenings bring the fear of Mondays with them unless and until it is an extended weekend and Monday is off too. So to help you contain your emotions nicely, we have brought these nice Sunday Quotes and Sayings to … Read more

61 Camping Quotes to Wake Up the Adventurer in You

Camping Quotes

This generation is literally a sucker for mountains, camps, and bonfires. So our love for camping started when we were just kids and one day, out of nowhere, we decided to make a tent out of our bedsheets and pillows. And then we decided to invite our siblings over, and then we decided to eat … Read more

85 BTS Quotes For The Army

BTS Quotes

Do you want to witness the level of craze that a huge group of people can have for someone? Then look at the BTS army. BTS army consists of the people from all around the globe who are crazy fans of the South Korean boy band known as BTS. This band has fans from almost … Read more

98 Valentines Day Quotes, Wishes and Messages

Valentines Day Quotes

Love is the one feeling in the world that makes everything and anything better, it makes your life a better place to live and to be. And it stands on some amazing pillars like respect, trust, and loyalty. These pillars are as strong as they are weak. If you let them fall, they can crumble … Read more

60 Losing a Baby Quotes That Will Heal Your Broken Heart

Losing a Baby Quotes

Sometimes, life can throw something in the way that can totally shatter someone‚Äôs happiness and make them feel that there is nothing left in the world to live for. One of these saddest happenings is losing a child. There might not be anything as horrifying and sorrowful as when a parent has to see the … Read more

110 Motivational Weight Loss Quotes For A Healthy Body

Weight Loss Quotes

The world is becoming fast and humans are here to run with it. But somewhere while running along with the world that we live in, we forget to run in real. And when technology and work-from-home became our new lifestyle, obesity and unnecessary weight kicked in. And an obese body is the home for tons … Read more

80 Weed Quotes to Take You Among Stars

Weed Quotes

Are you here because you want to see stars on earth? Then first go ahead and Google if it is legal in your state and then we will talk about the rest, well I am kidding, or am I, who knows? But reading is legal in all the states so crush your stuff, get a … Read more