80 Weed Quotes to Take You Among Stars

Weed Quotes

Are you here because you want to see stars on earth? Then first go ahead and Google if it is legal in your state and then we will talk about the rest, well I am kidding, or am I, who knows? But reading is legal in all the states so crush your stuff, get a … Read more

90 Christmas Quotes That Will Make Your Christmas Merrier

Christmas Quotes That Will Make Your Christmas Merrier

Jingle bells all the ways because we are ready for a merrier time and happy celebrations and the company of our loved ones and friends. December is the ending of the year which brings along a reason to celebrate and be grateful to whatever good happened and forget what wasn’t so good throughout the year. … Read more

50 Adorable Dog Parent Quotes for Dog Moms and Dog Dads

Dog Parent Quotes

We know two types of people, those who are dog person and those who are cat and dog person because no matter what, everyone just tend to love dogs or at least like them a moderate amount. You might see people who deeply dislike cats but when it comes to dog, that is a rare … Read more

80 Soulmate Quotes That Will Make You Believe In Destiny And Love

Soulmate Quotes

I don’t know if I believe in soulmates or not, but I surely believe in love, loyalty, trust, space, and respect. But sometimes people actually click quite easily. Sometimes in life, someone comes who becomes yours effortlessly. It seems like all the hardships that you had with people in your past were just leading you … Read more

90 Energetic Dance Quotes That Will Make Your Feet Tap

Dance Quotes

If we look around us, there are people who are amazing dancers, then there are people who do not shy away from dancing, amazing or not. Then there are people who never let the cat of their dance secret out. You never know, they might be as good as Michael Jackson, or not. Dancing is … Read more

60 Rain Quotes To Make You Fall In Love With Rain Drops

Rain Quotes

Rain Quotes: There are only two types of people in the world, those who absolutely love rain and those who absolutely hate it. Rain differentiates the poles apart from each other psychology of people in the most amazing way. Those who hate it, they hate it for the exact same reasons for which the people … Read more

60 Baby Quotes That Will Make You Want To Hug One Right Now

Baby Quotes

Babies make the world better, with the news of their arrival, even before they actually arrive in this world. They keep you both awake and alive with their presence. Grandparents and aunts and uncles go insane with presents and everything. Kids go insane because they are probably going to get replaced. The morning sickness, cravings, … Read more

105 Pregnancy Quotes To Keep You Glowing For Nine Months

Pregnancy Quotes

Pregnancy Quotes: Being pregnant is a nine-month-long battle and celebration altogether. Although the time of pregnancy may vary from woman to woman, being seven months for some and ten for others, but the celebration and the battle happen to extend infinitely on the latter end for everyone, equally, with the birth of the baby. But … Read more

110 Mother Quotes About the Heavenly Love

Mother Quotes

Mothers are the epitome of selfless love, sacrifices, and compromises. A mother is not just the caretaker of her children but also the caretaker of her whole family, be it her husband, in-laws, or any other members. She can make or break a home and hence it is said that a house which respects its … Read more