75 Time Management Quotes That Will Buy You Extra Hours

Time Management Quotes That Will Buy You Extra Hours

Humankind is familiar with a lot of different types of treasures and luxuries in the world. Some of them are that you can touch and see and others are just in concept. Interestingly enough, the one that are in front of you in obvious ways are the most vulnerable to declining in value like the … Read more

78 Kiss Day Quotes, Wishes, and Messages

Kiss Day Quotes, Wishes, and Messages

A day before the day of love falls Kiss Day, on the 13th of February. Kissing is known to increase your immunity because you exchange various germs in the process, but apart from that, it is heavenly and hot. So because this second last day of valentine’s week is around the corner, here we have … Read more

88 Promise Day Quotes and Wishes for Your Strongest Promises

Promise Day Quotes and Wishes

The 5th day of Valentine’s week is the Promise Day that actually requires you to finally commit to something for the person you love. So choose a promise that will help you and your love lead a happy and healthy relationship and commit to it by heart. And here we are with the best Promise … Read more

67 Chocolate Day Quotes, Wishes and Messages

Chocolate Day Quotes, Wishes and Messages

After diamonds, the second-best friend of girls must be chocolates. They love it, they crave it and they cannot do without it. Chocolates perfectly depict a relationship, sweet and bitter but smooth if you give it some lovely warmth. And maybe that is why the third day of valentine’s week is Chocolate Day. So we … Read more

75 Rose Day Quotes, Wishes, Messages, & Greetings

Rose Day Quotes

Roses are not only the most beautiful flower of all but it is also considered a way to convey your love or affection to someone for centuries. Roses are delicate, intricate, and pretty, just like the feeling of love. And thus the week of love, Valentine’s Week starts with Rose Day on the 7th of … Read more

120 Good Night Quotes For A Good Night’s Sleep

Good Night Quotes

In a journey, a good beginning is not required for a good ending and a good ending is not required for another good beginning, rather, you can change the course of time to be better at any moment of the journey. So if your beginning was troubled or your last ending was difficult, it is … Read more

75 Self-Care Quotes To Make You Pamper Yourself

Self-Care Quotes

Remember, in the race of being the best lover, being the most selfless human being, being the most caring and compassionate, do not forget the person who is the most important in your life- “you”, because quite logically, if you are not taken care of by yourself, you will not be able to do anything … Read more

85 Prayer Quotes That Will Strengthen Your Faith

Prayer Quotes

Prayer Quotes: The one thing that keeps each one of us going and that keeps our world going is faith. Faith in love, faith in good times, faith in fairness, faith in humanity, and faith in a supreme power that is looking upon all of us with a just and affectionate glance. That supreme power … Read more