60 Baby Quotes That Will Make You Want To Hug One Right Now

Baby Quotes

Babies make the world better, with the news of their arrival, even before they actually arrive in this world. They keep you both awake and alive with their presence. Grandparents and aunts and uncles go insane with presents and everything. Kids go insane because they are probably going to get replaced. The morning sickness, cravings, … Read more

105 Pregnancy Quotes To Keep You Glowing For Nine Months

Pregnancy Quotes

Pregnancy Quotes: Being pregnant is a nine-month-long battle and celebration altogether. Although the time of pregnancy may vary from woman to woman, being seven months for some and ten for others, but the celebration and the battle happen to extend infinitely on the latter end for everyone, equally, with the birth of the baby. But … Read more

110 Mother Quotes About the Heavenly Love

Mother Quotes

Mothers are the epitome of selfless love, sacrifices, and compromises. A mother is not just the caretaker of her children but also the caretaker of her whole family, be it her husband, in-laws, or any other members. She can make or break a home and hence it is said that a house which respects its … Read more

Best 65 Trust Quotes That Will Help You in Relationships

Trust Quotes

Trust Quotes: We often hear people say that love is enough to keep two people happy together; maybe they talk about one-sided love. Because when it comes to two people actually being together and that too happily, just love is not enough. Love is not enough even in the spiritual world, let alone the materialistic. … Read more

65 Exhausted Quotes To Relieve Your Exhausted Soul

Exhausted Quotes

Exhaustion is an elongated tiredness that can numb your body, mind, and soul. It can happen because of various reasons like overworking yourself to the point where you can no longer move a finger or clinging on to a lost relationship or hoping for something that seems next to impossible. Situations like this can make … Read more

75 Empathy Quotes That Will Help You Understand Emotions Better

Empathy Quotes

It is easy to be compassionate; it is even easier to have sympathy and it is an absolute cakewalk to pity or bad for someone. What is difficult is to have the ability to feel what someone is feeling and understand their situation by stepping in their shoes, this ability is called empathy. Our world … Read more

Best 100 Moving On Quotes to Help You Heal

Moving On Quotes to Help You Heal

If we think about it, life is all about moving on; moving on from darkness to light, moving on from one gloomy situation to another happy place, moving on from disturbance to peace, moving on from toxicity to pure love, and so on. And it is really important that we know the exact moment to … Read more

Best 60 Short Inspirational Quotes To Motivate You

Short Inspirational Quotes

Humans keep searching for inspiration throughout his life. But we fail to understand that, everything around us that makes us move around is an inspiration. Like when we wake up in the morning and get ready to go out to work, because of that sweetheart of ours works at the same office or the colleagues … Read more

105 Rest In Peace Quotes and Messages with Images

Rest In Peace Quotes and Messages with Images

We often hear poems about death which sound melodiously painful, but in reality, death is just painful and there is no melody about it. A person dying will never know the pain once gone, but the pain resides in those who are left behind in a darkness that seems never-ending. But solidarity is what will … Read more