Best 50 Happiness Quotes To Make You Happy

Happiness Quotes

Happiness Quotes: Happy girls are the prettiest. True. But what is even more true is anyone happy is a thousand times attractive and beautiful than before and not just girls. When you are happy and by happy I mean truly happy from the heart, it shows on the external you. Your eyes sparkle, your skin … Read more

Motivational Quotes for Kids

Motivational Quotes for Kids

Are you also wondering how to keep your kids motivated so that they do not get distracted from their goals? We have got you covered. Here’s an amazing collection of Motivational Quotes for kids to keep your kids disciplined and focused towards their goals. There is no doubt in the fact that children are more … Read more

80 Powerful Warrior Quotes To Awaken The Fighter In You

Warrior Quotes To Awaken The Fighter In You

Today we have made our way out of the jungles, away from the wild, in the safe spaces of brick houses. But we were not always like this. Our ancestors were strong people. They started from living beside animals like mammoths and saber-tooth cats. Further down in the history lane, there were countless battles and … Read more

Beat Obsessions With These Obsession Quotes

Obsession Quotes

With the world moving so fast and so many things are on the go, it is easy to get obsessed by so many things – especially the younger generation. They get obsessed with online commercials; they get obsessed with some random person wearing a massive brand, or even by each other. There is peers pressure; … Read more

100 Motivational Quotes for Students

Motivational Quotes for Students

One of the most troublesome parts of turning into an educator is figuring out how to motivate your students. Students who are not motivated won’t be successful. While motivating students can be a troublesome errand, but the teachers got to do it. A teacher is only successful when he/she is able to motivate their students … Read more